This is Dad. Dad is a hermit, an unusual sort of person, who enjoys old music, building model airplanes, tinkering with his jeep, and rambling. Being a very wise bear, he is our main character. His goal is to please his Empress. He is also known as Poppy and Dear!


This is Mom. Mom is a social butterfly who enjoys listening to Elvis, sewing memory quilts, taking pictures, and playing on the computer. Being a very ADHD bear, Mom enjoys new adventures which often leads to unusual situations. She is also known as the Empress.


This is Brat. She is also a social butterfly. She enjoys listening to all types of music, reading, drawing, and giving Mom and Dad as much trouble as she can. Brat is easily distracted by all sorts of things, especially shiny paperclips. She is also known as Louise. How do I know? Oh, we've met. Hey, look a paperclip.


This is Cat. Cat is a hermit, like Dad, who enjoys very loud music with lots of bass. He likes speakers, fishing, playing with electrical stuff (getting electrocuted), and drawing. He gets dragged into all of Brat's adventures including Mom's antics.  He is a very energetic person and he is also known as Kitty.